Dario's Voice Pack

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This voice pack includes over 600 recordings of different words/phrases and reactions (list below) for a single character idealy a male wizard or warrior in a first or third person adventure/fantasy/RPG game.

Featuring Darren Bowyer-Warner, professional voice talent.

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Categories :

Attack x31

Being Burnt x 20

Being Hurt x 32 (Badly/Hard/Soft)

Breath x 6

Brethless/Gasping x12

Celebration x11


Chewing/Gargle x9

Clear Throat/Swallow x19

Climbing x13

Coughing x 17

Crying/Whimpering x 15

Dying x23


Freezing x14

Generic Magic phrases x17 (AbraCadabra/Alakazam/AlisPropiisVolat/AmorOmniaVincit/AudereEstFacereSalve/CarpeNoctem/ExNihilo/HocusPocus/SampereFidelis/ItinamNellumMumquam)

Generic Reactions x27 (Afraid/Disagree/Moaning/Mocking/NotSure/Pleased/Really/Surprised/Thinking/Tired/Understand)

Giggle x10

Grunt x22


Jump/Dodge/Roll x39

Laughing x 13

Lifting x 15

Losing Balance x 14

Mumbling/Grumpy x 35 (Bored/Low/Psssss/Surprised)

Onomatopea x 12 (Ah/Hum/Oh)

Power Attack x 17

Raspberry x15 (Long/Short)

Shush x7 (Long/Short)

Sigh x8

Slip/Slurp x 11

Smack x 15

Sniffing x 8

Snoring x 23 (Long/Short)

Spit x 13

Vomiting/ill x7

Whistling x 17

Zombie x 52 (Attack/Breath/Gnarling/Moaning/MouthNoises/Seeking/Struggling)

Technical Details:
Number of Audio Waves: 600+
Sample rate / bit rate: 48,000 Hz / 24-bit
Do Sound FX loop: No
Minutes of audio provided: 12:00+
additional : Mono

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Wizards, Spells, Quests, RPG, Medieval, Epic, Battle, Heroes, Enchantment, Sorcery, Sound Effect, Voice Over, Male, video game

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Dario's Voice Pack

0 ratings
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