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Zombie Crowd (SoundFx pack)

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Gentlemen and …. (probably) gentlemen ! Gather 'round for a once-in-a-deadtime opportunity!

Graf Tone production is releasing it's first 5$ deal !

Introducing the Zombie Crowd Sound Pack which is more than just moans and groans. We've got the whole undead ensemble covered! From Euuuuuuuuhhhhhhh to grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, this collection has everything you need to make your zombie crowd come alive!

Please check the trailer here :

Get ready to unleash the living dead in all their flesh-tearing glory!

With 3 sub-folders (...euuuuuh... 4, but...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), varying from laziness level to « Oh s**t ! We'd better get out of here ! » you will find :

98 minutes of original audio, recorded in real situation (proof on Picture 6 !)


* 40, two minute mono track recordings.

* 8 premixed layers loopable.

* 1 full loop, for those in a hurry to bring the apocalypse !

We stay at your disposal for custom works at

Please visit our website :

Enjoy !

(Also available on Unity / Unreal assets store)

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A bit more of pleasure for today !

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Zombie Crowd (SoundFx pack)

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